Come Follow Me is a discipleship course that combines three methods in one:

weekly group discussion 3h
The heart of this method is not the Study Book but the discussion time.  The best way to taste this method is to experience it yourself. If a group near you is doing Come Follow Me (or a similar TEE course), ask to join them for one week. Or attend an Advisor Training workshop if available.  

  But if those options aren’t available, follow these steps to get a taste of the method:

  Download:     English Sample      Dari Sample    Farsi Sample    German Sample   Norwegian Sample

      Kurdish Sorani Sample   Arabic Sample      Pashtu Sample     African Sample

  • Print at least one lesson and fill in all the answers for yourself – don’t just skim-read it!
  • Each learner doing the lesson with you should also have a print out of the lesson to fill in (please do NOT give them the pdf)
  • Print the Advisor Guide for that lesson and plan how you will lead the discussion time
  • For further guidance, get help from our web pages Quick Start and Advisor Guide
  • How will you apply the Practical Task in your own life?  Go and do it!

We don't supply the whole Study Book digially because it is not designed to be read off a screen. Rather, it is an interactive course book. Learners write their responses, and then bring the book along to the discussion time to discuss the practical application. This process of active learning is more effective than simply passive reading.

To obtain the printed books in different languages, visit the Obtain page.

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Come Follow Me is a project of Word of Life, UK registered charity number 328492