The ideal setting

Christ’s followers of Muslim background meet regularly as a discipleship group once a week:

  • The group has three to ten members
  • All members complete the home study beforehand: they write their answers to each question and especially the ones for discussion
  • They faithfully carry out the practical task from the previous week
  • In the group meeting, they share from their hearts and their life experience
  • The group leader does not teach much, but helps every member to share
  • People open their hearts honestly in the meeting, and they pray for each other
  • The whole meeting takes 1.5-2 hours and includes food or refreshments

See the full Advisor Guide for group leaders.

See this video clip explaining how to use the Advisor Guide.


Alternative settings

The ideal setting is not always possible, and that’s fine. Come Follow Me can be used in flexible ways, for example:

  • One advisor can meet regularly with one new believer, if a group is not available
  • You could meet less frequently than once a week, or more frequently
  • You need not use all twenty lessons… feel free to select the most relevant ones
  • The discussion could happen instead of the sermon as part of a normal worship service

All these settings are fine so long as the learners do the home study first, share fully in the discussion and do the practical task afterwards. If these things fail, the whole thing will fail!

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Using the course on the GrowSpace web-app

With the number of displaced peoples around the world, we realised that it wasn't always practical for a believer moving between refugee camps to have a physical Study Book. We also receive enquiries from people working in countries where it is dangerous to own Christian resources. In 2019-20 we created an e-learning platform for smartphones and other devices called GrowSpace. We use it to publish Come Follow Me in a digital, secure, multilingual, interactive format for group and 1-2-1 discipleship.

The app works in the same way - a believer is given access by their advisor, and they complete the lessons one at a time by typing into the pages before meeting together face to face (or on a video call) to complete the discussion.

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A testimony from a group of Afghan refugees in India:

“The strength of this book is that every brother and sister, young or old, has the opportunity to freely share their thoughts, questions, problems and pains – as they’ve experienced in their lives.  It is this that makes the student interested and they open up and can pray, not for themselves but for others and have right understanding of Christianity. As one student said, “Oh that we had these spiritual courses 10 years ago! How much we’ve been in darkness and ignorance.”

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