Can someone study Come Follow Me on their own?

No. This is because books don’t make disciples on their own. Disciples make disciples, with the help of the Holy Spirit. For this reason Come Follow Me is designed as a tool to bring disciples together in relationship, to learn from each other and be guided by the Lord.

Can I download the Study Book from the internet?

No, because the course is not for study in isolation, as explained above. The course requires the learner to write down answers, not skim-read through it. Writing helps a learner interact with the teaching, absorb it and reflect on it. He or she then has to connect it with daily life.  

You can order the Study Book in most countries.  If this is impossible in your country, please contact us so we can find a solution for you. You can download the Advisor's Guide free from anywhere.

Also, with the number of displaced peoples around the world, we realised that it wasn't always practical for a believer moving between refugee camps to have a physical Study Book. We receive enquiries from people working in countries where it is dangerous to own Christian resources. In 2019-20 we created an e-learning platform for smartphones and other devices called GrowSpace. We use it to publish Come Follow Me in a digital, secure, multilingual, interactive format for group and 1-2-1 discipleship. The app works in the same way as a book - a believer is given access by their advisor, and they complete the lessons by typing into the pages before meeting together face to face (or on a video call) to complete the discussion. Find out more here

Why does the course look so simple?

It was originally written for a context where few people have the opportunity for higher education. Therefore it uses easy-to-read text, with concrete examples and pictures. But this does not mean the contents are simple. Personal study of these lessons provides a springboard for the discussion time leading to in-depth reflection, transformed worldview and practical discipleship. Concrete examples make discussion and application easier than if it was just abstract teaching. Also, a person discipled through this course has an easy tool to disciple others. This makes the discipling more reproducible.

Why is it based on 1 Peter?

Topical studies tend to take proof texts from different parts of the Bible. But to go right through one Bible book develops good habits of inductive study and allows God’s Word to speak to us on its own terms. The different discipleship topics can then be woven into this study of 1 Peter, bringing in some other Bible passages as appropriate. 1 Peter is suitable because it touches on many such topics that are relevant for believers of Muslim background. It was written for believers under pressure, as they are.

Can I translate it into a new language?

We currently have many languages available or in translation, but if a language you need is not available or not yet in the translation process, and you might be able to help organise a translation, please contact us explaining your situation and we may be able to start a discussion about a new language translation. All our translations are made in partnership with different organisations around the world.

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