• A Christian Advisor in the UK:
    “This is a really helpful guide for directing conversations down routes I wouldn’t always have thought of when it comes to discipling people from a Muslim background. Working through 1 Peter alongside the ideas and questions brought up by Come Follow Me seems to have been of great benefit to the 3-4 believers from a Muslim background I have met with.”

  • A group of Afghan refugees in India:  
    “The strength of this book is that every brother and sister, young or old, has the opportunity to freely share their thoughts, questions, problems and pains – as they’ve experienced in their lives.  It is this that makes the student interested and they open up and can pray, not for themselves but for others and have right understanding of Christianity. As one student said, “Oh that we had these spiritual courses 10 years ago! How much we’ve been in darkness and ignorance.”
  • A Bengali believer of Muslim Background in the UK:
    “It’s amazing how this [study] book brings up the kind of questions I am dealing with”

  • An experienced disciple-maker in Germany:
    “We translated and used several Bible courses for Muslim Background Believers, and after years I find yours the best.”
  • An Egyptian BMB:
    “This book is so helpful as it speaks to my issues and worries about following Jesus”
  • A believer of Muslim background in Bangladesh:
    “It’s a very effective course to help our participants grow spiritually.  Come Follow Me is really a good course for every believer in our country.”
  • An Iranian leading a group in Britain:  
    “We have been feeding with it very well and people come with lots of good questions which is relevant, during the study. It's been specially working on me a lot.”
  • A Christian using Come Follow Me in Europe:
    I do think the course has helped these men to become real believers. Some of them say that they had told lies in their interviews in [other countries], and now they want to have a "new start" and tell the truth, even thought it means that they will not get an asylum place in [this country]. They say it is better to have a clean conscience with God than stay [here] because of lies! And that is much for an Afghan!!"
  • A church leader in the UK
    "I'm doing a 'Come Follow Me' course with a small group of Iranians - using the Farsi edition. It is working fabulously - I don't think I've ever worked with a more enthusiastic group - they are really enjoying it and growing very fast. I think there are a couple of leaders developing among the group. And they are encouraging me. So please be encouraged yourself - it's a great resource."

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Come Follow Me is a project of Word of Life, UK registered charity number 328492