Christ’s followers of Muslim background comprise a growing stream in the world Christian movement. All who are in Christ have a shared identity, a shared faith and a shared scripture in the Bible, but our different backgrounds give rise to different worldview issues and different perspectives on Christian faith.  Indeed, Christians of Muslim background will contribute an important dimension in how we understand the Bible.

For these and other reasons, it is important to have a range of courses specifically for Christ’s followers coming from Islam. Experiments are underway in different countries. Please explore to read about some of these courses. Please suggest other courses to add to that website - not general discipleship courses, but ones specifically created for this context.

Eventually it would be great to have a BMB curriculum of relevant courses gathered from different countries!

For churches welcoming those from a Muslim background

There is also a need to equip local churches to ‘be family’ for new believers of Muslim background, to care for them and learn from them. The course Joining the Family does this. See this clip for more information. It was created by Tim Green and others, using video clips from more than twenty BMBs and other speaking candidly about their experiences. Feel their heart… and get involved.

Courses for those exploring what it means to follow Jesus from a Muslim Background:


A video clip and discussion course available in Farsi, Arabic and many other languages. Ideal for using with a group of people from a Muslim background who are interested in exploring faith in Jesus.

Discovery Bible studies

Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) are simple questions used with a passage of scripture that can be used with one or more person who is exploring faith in Jesus. There are many resources for using DBS available online. Here are a few links to get you going: - guidelines on leading a DBS study - lots of resources and lists of passages to study in different contexts - DBS passages and questions are also available on this app


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