A car won't run well if you try to drive in first gear on the open highway! It’s the same with adult learning. Come Follow Me is designed to be used in a particular way. For the last thirty years this method has been used fruitfully in many countries. In fact every year about 200,000 Asian Christians are being equipped through this method called TEE.

Here’s how it works:

weekly group discussion 3h

Learners grow through a powerful combination of three elements:

  • first they learn from the course book themselves through active self-study
  • then they interact with others in discussion (typically once a week)
  • then they put the teaching into practice in the context of their daily lives

These three elements repeated week by week help learners to integrate learning in their lives and grow deeper with each other. Come Follow Me uses this tried and tested method in a course designed specifically for Christ’s followers of Muslim background.

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Come Follow Me is a project of Word of Life, UK registered charity number 328492