Come Follow Me is unusual because:

  • it was created specifically for Believers of Muslim background, not adapted from elsewhere
  • it tackles particular worldview issues and practical challenges faced by these believers
  • it integrates a detailed study of one book (1 Peter) with a wide range of topics
  • it combines personal preparation with interactive discussion and application
  • it uses stories, case studies and pictures to help learners connect the teaching with daily life
  • it is available in several major languages so that believers can study in their mother tongue
  • it is not to be studied in isolation, but only in relationship with one or more other believers

Deep level discipleship happens when our worldview is transformed.

This course opens up common worldview issues for new believers. For example:


What advice would you give to this anxious believer?

man in the middle

After getting married who comes first, your mother or your wife?

Pashun men in conversation
How can we resolve our disputes instead of turning our backs to each other?

Another big issue is shariah, which in Islam means not only ‘law’ but a whole way of life. Fulfilling one’s religious duty is very important, so when a new believer finds ‘freedom in Christ’, how can they combine this freedom with a new framework of committed daily discipleship? Several lessons in Come Follow Me relate this question to different aspects of the believer’s life in Christ.


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Come Follow Me is a project of Word of Life, UK registered charity number 328492